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When Does Familiarity Breed Content? A Study of the Role of Different Forms of ADR Education and Experience in Attorneys’ ADR Recommendations
Roselle Wissler
2 Pepp. Disp. Resol. L. J. 199 (2002)
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This article first reviews proposed explanations for and solutions to the low rate of voluntary ADR use, as well as related empirical research. The article then reports the findings of a study that involved a survey of attorneys regarding their ADR education, experience with ADR as counsel or as a third-party neutral, and advice to clients about ADR. This study found that attorneys' direct experience with ADR, especially in their role as counsel but also as a neutral, was strongly related to whether they recommended ADR to clients. In contrast, ADR education had little or no relationship with attorneys' ADR recommendations, except for attorneys who had not used ADR as counsel. The implications of the findings for increasing voluntary ADR use are discussed.
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