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How Do We Know That Mediation Training Works?
Roselle Wissler and Art Hinshaw
12 Disp. Resol. Mag. 21 (2005)
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Considering training's importance to the mediation field and its centrality in the debate about mediator credentialing, one would expect to find empirical studies that shed light on the following questions. How much do trainees improve their mediation knowledge and skills as a result of training? Do trainees reach an acceptable level of performance after training? Is a particular content, type or amount of training more effective than another approach? These basic questions about the effectiveness of mediation training, however, have not been the subject of empirical analysis. The article reviews the few existing empirical studies that address the broader issue of the effects of mediation training on mediator performance or mediation outcomes. Then the article discusses how the above questions about the effectiveness of mediation training programs can be answered by explaining how studies can be designed to measure cognitive, skill_based, and affective learning outcomes.
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