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Resolving Libel Disputes Out of Court: The Libel Dispute Resolution Program
Roselle Wissler and Randall P. Bezanson et al.
Reforming Libel Law
John Soloski & Randall P. Bezanson eds., Guilford Press 1992
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The chapter begins with a description of an experimental, voluntary program for resolving media libel disputes out of court and explains why the program was created. The chapter then focuses on the findings of an empirical study that examined parties' reactions to the program and the factors that affected its use. Parties' interest in using the ADR program was influenced by their lawyers' recommendations regarding the program, which were affected by the lawyers' familiarity with and attitudes toward ADR. Parties' motives and objectives for the litigation also affected their willingness to use the program. The stage of litigation also played a role. Difficulties getting parties to the table are discussed, as are features that might broaden the appeal of an ADR program.
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